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Here’s a tip ! Using social media for your business is an amazing tool but don’t limit your business to just that  . I see way too many “insta celebs” who can’t offer businesses real exposure persuading them into thinking they can, when all they want is free gear . Invest that gear and money into real branding and endorsements with influential people you feel can really take your brand to the next level …. Some of those people may have a lot of followers some of them may not … But don’t ever be fooled into thinking that just because someone has thousands of followers you will get guaranteed sales and exposure , because for many businesses this isn’t the case .Do your research . Think Big.Grind hard . 💕
Fall is going to be …. Real . 


Loved creating this design because I knew women and men could rock it …@geniusjuice
Love seeing how people wear their gear in different ways 😍 our buckets were a hit !
Dope shoots for my line @geniusjuice  with beautiful model @yo_mariah  and amazing photographer @brandonalmengo … Love the GENIUS long tees
"Run Forrest"

Happy Birthday Mom ❤️
Just checked out the Dream Car Exhibit . The Porsche 918 Spyder was my fav . (at High Museum of Art, Atlanta)
One year down thanks to our great supporters and customers ❤️
One time for the baddies who rock @geniusjuice  @__hadassah