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Getting selfies from my team going ham up in NYC and Jersey !  Follow @brandonalmengo and @brainfilmz  . The shoots coming up are about to be fire 😍❤️#geniusjuice
By request we are restocking on all beanie colors for one weekend only . Crazy ? Yea we know . @geniusjuice link is dropping at noon . #fridaythe13th  #geniusjuice
#wcw the whole cast of Orange is The New Black … #TheyPlayedUs #TheyAintEvenUgly #EvenCrazyEyesCute #ReverseCatfish #IBeFeelingTooCuteSometimes #ImGonnaGoToTheCastingCall #SoTheyCanMakeMeUglyAf

Please vote for my dear friend @_diallo_ to be Wet Seal’s next model . I love this girl man !!! Let’s help make someone’s dreams come true ❤️! The link is in her bio .

I love the fact that I’m working with an artist who actually has dope music . @jizxle is dropping new music this Friday ! Be sure to check out the new video ! We’ll be shooting crazy visuals this summer ! The wardrobe gonna be crayyyyyyy. 🙌

How I respond to everyone in Atlanta who has a “clothing line” just because they think it’s easy and cool .

Happy Birthday Dad.
All of my fashionistas and fashion heads need to make sure they’re at Phipps Plaza next weekend for this event ! I’ll be the in house stylist for the night and yes the amazing  @kadesmode is headlining . You don’t want to miss it !
Trophies .